If you know me, or have read any of my blogs, you know I love to cook. With this in mind, Andy bought me this t-shirt from woot. It is titled: Kitchen Warfare. It’s kind of extra funny because I’m really not into guns. To illustrate how NOT into guns I am I will tell you that the first year we were in Utah we went to Andy’s company Christmas party. As they were giving away all the prizes, the MC announced that the first person to reach him and show him their license to conceal would win a prize. I didn’t know what that was.

SO…my shirt arrived and Andy assured me that, particularly in Utah County, where we are possibly the ONLY people without a license to conceal, it would be greatly appreciated.  I donned my new threads and headed out for a few errands. However, I found that people gave me funny looks and then avoided making eye contact. Children were hurried away from my general vicinity by their parents. Okay, that one I made up, but people DID look at me weird! I can only guess that perhaps no one bothered to look at it long enough to realize the joke and mistook me for a psychotic gun-crazed redneck. Does this seem ironic to anyone else given that I was probably the only one over the age of whatever-the-gun-toting-age is not packing heat?  However ironic, people’s reactions led me to this question: What does this shirt say to you? Amusing t-shirt of someone who likes to cook? OR Psychotic Gun-Crazed Redneck?  Judge for yourself: