Whenever we drive out to California we drive past a big red barn about an hour from our house. It turns out it’s a farm that grows peaches, apples, pears…In the fall they make apple cider donuts and offer hay rides out to a pumpkin patch. We now have friends that live out that way and joined up with them yesterday for some fall fun. Unaware that these are timeless memories to be treasured forever the kiddos were not as thrilled to be photographed as I would have liked them to be. Lilly mostly refused to look at the camera and Trinity seemed to have nothing to offer but her “I’m constipated” fake smile. I considered only posting the 3 pictures that turned out semi-well, but that just wouldn’t be an authentic representation of our experience. 🙂  It was, however a very fun time and I now share what photos we did manage to get such as they are:

This is what I get when Trinity was giving me a fake smile and I say “Give me a REAL smile!”

When my finger started to hit the button this was the picture perfect moment with all three girls smiling at me. By the time the shutter closed, this is what I got!

Lilly very much wants to be just like the big kids and climb the fence!

Trinity and Natalie

A huge field full of pumpkins and Lilly wants to play with rocks!

Leah (and Jack! Due to make his debut imminently!)

Attempt number one at trying to get a picture of the three of us. Lilly refuses to stand by us or let mommy hold her!

Attempt number two at getting a picture of the three of us. Lilly refuses to look at the camera.

The girls have found their pumpkins! This was attempt number 3 – At least we’re all looking in the right direction!

Rocks AND pumpkins? What could be better?!

Ever the climber, Lilly laughs in the face of a pyramid of hay bales. Where’s the challenge in that?

This is the best we got of the three. At least they’re all smiling!

Pumpkins inspire many deep thoughts that must be shared….

or quietly contemplated