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Trinity lost her first tooth today!! She has been looking forward to this for a very long time. I can’t count the number of times she asked me when she would lose a tooth, or to check her mouth for any loose teeth. She would even sometimes say “Mom, did I lose a tooth?” and open her mouth wide. “No, honey,” I would tell her, “It won’t just fall out without you knowing about it. It will be loose for a while first.” (Which is mildly ironic, since she did not feel it come out today! It fell out without her realizing it at first.) The last time she asked me to check her mouth, I almost said “No. You don’t have any loose teeth,” without even checking. But she looked so excited and expectant…like she just knew that ONE of these days the answer would FINALLY be ‘yes!” so I stuck my finger in her mouth once again, and was shocked and pleased to tell her the long-awaited day had arrived! She had a loose tooth!! She was so excited that after shrieking with joy she said: “Mom, will you clap for me and cheer for me?” Then had to call her grandparents immediately!

This whole process was so important to her that I decided to capture it forever in a blog I can one day give her. Not long after that tooth fell out today I sat down and wrote this little poem for her. I just finished tucking it under her head (after she signed it herself) and I might be just as excited for her to fall asleep as she is! We get to play “tooth fairy” for the first time tonight. 🙂

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Many many months ago

Trinity wanted to know

When that first tooth would go!

“Is it loose?!”

She asked and asked

But alas, as time passed,

The answer was always ‘no.’

“I promise you,” her mommy said,

“Your teeth will fall out of your head,

When the time is right, now go to bed.”

“I hope and pray, it will happen today!”

She would say day after day.

And at last it did, a tooth was loose!

“Wooopie!”  yelled our Silly Moose!

As it wiggled and wiggled,

our Trinity giggled.

There were cheers and applause!

This was certainly cause,

for calling the grandparents,

miles away

to help her celebrate

this special day!

Two weeks passed.

It seemed so fast.

Then today, while eating lunch

after Trin munched her last munch:

“Where’s my tooth!?!?”

she loudly exclaimed.

“You must have swallowed it!”

mommy explained.

So you see, we don’t have proof

that Trinity has lost her tooth

but we promise you we tell the truth!

Despite no tooth under her head

we wrote this note

before she went to bed:

Kindly still leave a nice surprise

for Trinity to find

when she opens her eyes?

Thank you so much

for reading our letter.

Next time she looses a tooth

we’ll try to do better!

Update: In the morning we had donuts for breakfast because they have holes in them…like Trinity’s smile! She awoke to find something special from the Tooth Fairy under her pillow along with this note:

Trinity Lee,

I would agree

That losing your first tooth

Is special indeed!


On losing your tooth!

I didn’t doubt for a second,

You were telling the truth.

Don’t worry one bit

That you’ve no tooth to show.

That hole in your smile

Will let the whole world know!

When you lose your next tooth

I will visit again.

But I promise,

not even your mom knows when!