This is a game of Andy’s invention. He came up with it the last time we were in Hong Kong. Yes, we were in Hong Kong but the title was inspired by the fantastic names the Japanese give their game shows and the notoriously interesting fashion choices they tend to make. It is important to note that there are only three rules:

  1. People of any nation are fair game for mocking as long as their fashion choices are so bad that even I (who know nothing about fashion) know they are wearing something utterly ridiculous.
  2. The first person to spot the ridiculous ensemble assigns a point value (with justification) to the “fashion find” and claims those points.
  3. This game can never be played while you are in Tokyo, because that would just be too easy.

We had a lot of fun throughout our 10 day stay. I wish we could have gotten more photos of some of our Fashion Finds, but being sneaky is hard with a camera. Here is one Fashion Find in Stanley:

And this gem actually was Japanese. I mean, wow. The hat just completes it:When we came back to the States we found that this game is virtually impossible to play in a world where most people spend their time trying hard to look just like everyone else. So the Super Fantastic #1 Japanese Fashion Find Game was shelved, we figured, until our next trip abroad.

However once Trinity learned to dress herself, we found a surprisingly regular source of inspiration in our very own home. We love our little creative fashionista…even if she would give the Japanese a run for their money. Here are some of her stylings….Which one would YOU vote the winner? Leave a comment to let us know!When I suggested this outfit might not match, she pointed out to me that both the shirt and the pants have flowers on them. She was clearly being conscientious in her choice of outfit!
Uncle Nathan’s visit brought just the right shoes to compliment this ensemble:
Daddy is also responsible for a couple of Fashion Finds in our house including the following:This is what happens when daddy washes hair.

Do camping fashions count? She totally rocks the morning camper look!Wearing Uncle Matt’s helicopter pilot’s helmet!