Seeing as how I posted a blog about Trinity’s obsession with “fashion,” her lost tooth, and her high heels, I thought I should write one about what Lilly is up to these days including her latest craze: Crawling into any laundry basket or box in the vicinity and pretending to go “nigh-night.”

Of course, cupboards are also fun!

She is equally as fun as she is “trouble!” She is a climber, loves dried figs, soup, books, and going into the refrigerated produce section at Costco. It is apparently incredibly funny to be cold! Her favorite phrase is “Where go?” This can be in reference to where we are going OR meant to start the game “Where is Lilly” as she ‘hides’ herself under a blanket or behind curtains. It is repeated with increasing volume until answered. She is positively fearless and is a fantastic problem solver. This mostly gets her into trouble as her “problems” involve getting into things she’s not supposed to! We’re hoping these tendencies serve her better later in life.  Lilly has more facial expressions than we would ever think possible for someone with so little life experience. I dearly wish I could capture all of them on camera but they are every bit as fleeting as her desire to sit still. She is our Silly Bug, Lilly Bug, Trouble Bug, Stink Bug, Silly Lilly, Giggle Bug and Wiggle Bug. Her wiggles mean that family pictures now look like this: 

We recently had a few minutes to kill so I took her to Starbucks and got her a little milk steamer. I was thinking “Wow we’re kind of having our first ‘big(ish)-girl’ date!” but then she tried to eat the cord that went to the window shade. She spent the remainder of our time climbing proudly into a grown-up chair, taking a sip or two of her drink and then deciding another chair or table looked more desirable and changing locations. That’s okay, Big-girl dates can wait. She’s got plenty of time to grow up! For now I’m just fine with her being my Silly Little Lilly Bug.