It’s hard to believe it but our little Lilly Bug turned two yesterday! We were incredibly fortunate to have our friend Lauren here to capture many of Lilly’s favorite things on camera. So what is our busy two year old up to these days? Here is what she was up to yesterday, which is a pretty good smattering of her daily activities. I should put a disclaimer that there were MANY blurry photos because she is on the move so much! We’re considering framing one of her as a blur since that would accurately represent how we see her most of the time! But for the purposes of being able to tell what is going on, we’ve chosen some clear ones for you see:

Running (Lilly does not walk anywhere, she RUNS!):


Eating crackers (this is a girl that LOVES her some crackers!):Reading:

Having a mid-morning cupcake treat while we pick up the cupcakes for the evening celebration. (Hey…it’s her birthday!)

Practicing her ‘gangsta’ look (?!):Loving her big sister:Building with blocks and legos:Giving kisses:Using daddy as a platform on which to play and showing off her stellar fishy lips:Here is her reaction to being sung to with her cupcake: 

Happy Birthday big girl!!  Thank you for all the joy and giggles you bring into our lives! We love you!!!