The idea for this blog came months ago but I never got around to writing it. As I looked at the calendar and realized that my birthday is quickly approaching, I decided I’d better get this published soon or the title would no longer rhyme! 😉

There is a children’s book I loved called “A Bad Case of the Stripes.” It’s about a little girl who worries so much about what other people think about her that she is afraid to be herself. She breaks out in a case of the “stripes.” Rainbow colored stripes all over. All she wants is some lima beans to feel better but she won’t admit it because she is afraid she will be made fun of and so, she continues to look stranger and stranger until she FINALLY asks for a plate of lima beans. Once she eats those beans she is cured!

Don’t we all sometimes worry about what other people think about us? I like to think this diminishes as we get older. Somewhere in the process of growing up we learn that it’s better to just be ourselves.  And sometimes our quirky likes and dislikes are part of our charm…or so I tell myself. In the interest of being stripe free I thought I would share some of my silly quirks that might not mesh with things you are “supposed to or not supposed to” like or dislike.

Things I like that you’re not “supposed to”:

  • sardines…I think they’re delicious with crackers…or over avocado on ciabatta. In consideration of Andy, who does not love them, I only partake when he is out of town.
  • Neil Diamond – Okay, it’s not like I sit around listening to him all the time but I did grow up with him so when I hear his songs I’ve been known to sing along…It’s even more fun to sing with exaggerated enthusiasm so your kids look at you weird! That’s right…I’ve been known to rock out to Neil!
  • canned jellied cranberries – I KNOW! It’s one of those things you’re not supposed to admit to…especially when food is your passion, but I cannot tell a lie, I like the stuff!
  • canned Le sueur peas – in fact I craved them when I was pregnant with Trinity! What can I say? My grandma used to feed them to us when I was little so they remind me of my childhood. In general we don’t eat canned vegetables so I can’t say we eat them often but about once a year I do get a hankering.

Things I do NOT like that you are “supposed to”:

  • Making cookies that require cookie cutters and/or special decorations. I know it’s supposed to be fun and festive or whatever, but I just find it tedious and tiresome. Not interested.
  • egg nog – CAN’T STAND the stuff!!!
  • Shopping with lots of girlfriends. Going with one friend is generally fine but seriously…If you have a group of girls go together, inevitably there is a WIDE range of fashion preferences. It’s really tiring to find creative ways to say that you think something is hideous without insulting your friend. Here are a few I rely on: “Wow, I couldn’t pull that off, but it suits you so well!” Translation:” I prefer not to wear leopard print and zebra stripes together but it seems to make you happy so I’ll just smile and pray you don’t wear it when we’re out together.” or “That’s so FUN!” Translation on that one is: “Wow, it’s so fun to try to keep my eyes from going cross-eyed when looking at the insane colors and patterns going on there!” If you’re reading this and I’ve used those lines on you, you should know I obviously didn’t mean them like that when I said them to you…I loved every minute of picking out florescent pink alligator skin cowgirl boots with you sweetie!

In the interest of being seriously stripe free and not only publishing photos where I look decent…Here’s a picture of Andy and I from a few years ago…looking our finest!

Well, that’s my list for now! Mock me if you will…but I’m just fine with who I am. 🙂 Feel free to be stripe free and share your own silly quirks in the comments section!