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When I first started my blog I had visions of being one of those people who always manages to be amusing. When people stopped by they would laugh, they would cry, and if my old English teachers popped by for a read they would laugh at my horrible sentence structure and cry that I didn’t absorb more of their lessons as evidenced by sentences like this one that just go on and on without end because I tend to write in stream of consciousness…Wait…where was I? Oh yes….visions of being amusing…

I probably mostly amuse myself with my writing and throw in a few pictures of my cute kids for good measure (that way at LEAST the grandparents will read!) but even then, I find that inspiration for a blog post is entirely dependent on mood and energy levels. Lately I just feel flat. I told Andy the other day that I feel like I’ve lost my writing mojo. Maybe it’s that I’ve been busier or that I’ve been sick twice in the last few weeks, but my mojo feels gone. “Why is my mojo gone?” I asked him. As soon as the words were out of my mouth two things came to mind: Jack Sparrow imploring Elizabeth “But WHY is the rum gone?!?” and a vision of a bottle of rum laying on a beautiful deserted beach somewhere. Seated next to it is my mojo. They are sipping margaritas (because a bottle of rum sipping mojitos would just be weird) and laughing about my inability to string an interesting sentence together.

A week from tomorrow I leave for a trip to China with my dad, about 30 high school students and a handful of parents and teachers. I’ll be taking at least 3-4 weeks off from blogging and will hopefully return, mojo intact. In the mean time, just in case it eludes me: If you find the rum, would you tell it I want my mojo back?