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It is reported to be the most elusive and mysterious sighting in Scotland. With a thrill, and scarcely believing our luck, I whipped out my camera and managed to snap a photo. I knew it would disappear soon and it was possible that no one back home would ever believe us if we told them we saw it. Now I had photographic evidence that it DOES exist: BLUE SKY in SCOTLAND!

The first thing people say when they hear you are going to Scotland is “Pack your _________” Fill in the blank with any of the following: wellies, umbrella, rain coat, sweaters, etc. Indeed the weather reports, up until the day we left, predicted highs in the 50’s with at least some rain every day…and not a ray of sunshine to be found. But Scotland outdid itself for us. Defying all odds we had gorgeous blue skies and temperatures in the 70’s every day of our trip.

We took advantage of the day we had before the start of Andy’s conference and rented a car to head into the Highlands. We were joined by our friends, Steve and Rita, whom we had met at last year’s conference in Switzerland. Here are some of our photos from that day’s adventure:

Loch Lomond:

Standing among a tree that is probably older than the country we are from (on the shores of Loch Lomond):

The Scottish Bluebells were in full bloom.

They carpeted the floors of many of the forest hills:

We stopped to watch the river rush out to sea:

Steve and Rita:

Gorse was also in full bloom everywhere we went:

The rocks on shore had flowers growing up out of them everywhere:

We stopped in the Seaside town of Oban (pronounced OHbun we learned) and toured the Whiskey Distillery:

Speaking of whiskey: Loch Drunkie. When the government began taxing whiskey illicit distilleries popped up all over the place in the cover of the Highland hills. Whenever the tax man would show up in this area the local whiskey makers would dump their stores of whiskey into the Loch to avoid being caught. It was said that if you drank the water of this loch you would get drunk:On the road from Oban to Glencoe:The bogs of the Highlands:

Stirling Castle:

I just love the Highland cows! Andy, Rock Star driver that he was that day, managed a pretty impressive turn around to head back to this sight we saw along the side of the road. All so that Rita and I could have our pictures of those beautiful old stone walls: