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It was a rough day to be Trinity! A key up the nose accident prompted her first major bloody nose last night, and a ‘face vs. piano’ incident (hint: the piano won!) happened this morning at a friend’s house. Her nose took quite a beating within a 14 hour window which found her sporting this look today:

The poor kid seemed like she could use a fun Fancy Pants Tuesday. There’s only so many times you can paint your nails or make cookies before you’re looking for a little diversity. Luckily for my little swollen-nosed champ, I already had plans to pick up some craft supplies. I’m not the biggest fan of crafts. They are generally messy and FAR more work for me than the girls. However, in the interest of branching out, and doing things I know she enjoys, I herded Trin outside during Lilly’s nap and we spent some time making artwork with paint and straws. She loved the novelty of a new way of painting and I loved the simplicity of it:

It’s possible I should have used thinner paint but I used what we had on hand and she had a lot of fun. When she was done she said “So, do you want to just hang out and talk?” I said I would love to. She told me today was her favorite part of summer so far. I told her it was mine too and we toasted to that with our sparkling prickly pear lemonade: