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I instantly knew it was both ridiculous and awesome at the same time, so I was pretty sure Andy would be up for it. We heard the pitter patter of little feet upstairs, the telltale sign that the girls were up.

“Do you know what we should do?” I asked Andy as we lay snuggled in our down comforter appreciating the fact that Trinity is old enough to help her sister out of bed and keep an eye on her on early Saturdays. “I know this is absurd, but we should throw on some sweatshirts, throw the girls in the car, take them up into the canyon, start a campfire and roast some marshmallows.”

The sun was not yet up but Andy jumped out of bed declaring “Let’s do it!”

We were supposed to have had a campfire dinner the night before, cooking hot dogs and marshmallows, but Andy’s flight home from a business trip had been delayed. This meant he got home too late for our planned family adventure. As I sat in front of a campfire silly early in the morning, next to a river, amid fall colors, licking sticky marshmallow from my lips…for breakfast (!), I thought to myself…”This is even better! I love my life!”

This next picture is one of great life importance to Trinity so I had to capture the moment. Andy is imparting the wisdom of how to make a perfectly roasted marshmallow. And yes, her sweatshirt is on backwards. She decided it is cool to wear it that way. 🙂 :Is there anything quite like the anticipation of something so wonderful as a freshly roasted marshmallow? We put them on graham crackers…no chocolate, because that would just be crazy for breakfast! 🙂Her first taste was rather delicate:Trin, however, dove right in:Do you know what is totally amazingly delicious?! Roasted baby bananas!! Andy roasted them until they were all  bubbly on the outside from the sugars of the bananas caramelizing. Here they are in progress. They were so yummy, they deserved a photo slot of their own:When we decided it was time to pack up…and by that, I mean that the food was eaten, and Lilly – who was too scared of the fire to get close to it to warm up – decided she was tired of being cold:…we headed up to Cascade Springs:

It was a very fun day of Shaffer Shenanigans that will go down in history as one of my favorites! 🙂