Change is afoot in the Shaffer household. If you had told me three weeks ago all that would transpire in the following weeks I would have laughed.

Expected events included Lilly’s 3rd birthday and ensuing party. She got her own pony,

DSC_0506and had a birthday party at Kangaroo Zoo,
DSC_0554shared with her friend Wan Ying (who turned 4!).
What we did NOT expect was that, in a span of about ten days, we would make and implement a life altering decision. We are now homeschooling Trinity. Being a teacher, I never thought we would be a homeschooling family but it became increasingly obvious, given where we live and the concerns we had with the quality of education she was receiving, that this was the best decision we could make. The time between decision making and implementation happened FAR faster than we thought it would. Before we knew it, there was a trip to IKEA,
photo (23)a room re-design from mudroom to classroom,photo (22)curriculum chosen, and old teaching bins were dragged out of storage and rooted through for anything useful. Then there was tubing, photo (21)and sledding fun, Photo 2013-01-31 05.02.27 PMSomewhere in there Andy had multiple business trips and I came down sick. Teacher, room-designer, ‘single’ mom, thrill-seeker, recovering cold victim…I seem to be juggling new roles daily.

This is all to say that while things seem on fast forward in our lives, they are slowing down on the blog. I don’t know how Pioneer Woman keeps up with it all! She probably has a house-cleaning service. (I’m not judging…If I made a bagillion dollars from a blog and Food Network contract, I would hire someone to clean my house too!) However, round these parts the blogging is just for fun and seems to be a casualty of our latest family endeavors. Hopefully things will get more streamlined as we learn the ropes of a new lifestyle. In the mean time, even though posts might be less frequent, I haven’t given up blogging….I’ve just taken up juggling. 🙂