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Last February, when we began home-schooling, Trinity pointed out that all schools have mascots. She was determined that we choose one for our school. Seeing as how playtime and sports time in our household revolve around ALL things horse related, it was no surprise that she quickly settled on a horse as our school mascot. Horses are smart, strong, and fast learners. Seemed like a great choice to me! That’s the last I really thought about it until…

About a month ago, I joyfully made that realization that there really is no need for big “back to school” clothes shopping when you home-school. But I wanted to do SOMETHING fun to commemorate the start of the new school year. As a tribute to the fact that we can (and do!) start school in our jammies whenever we feel like it, I decided to surprise the girls with new pajamas to wear on our first day of school.

We start school tomorrow and I presented to girls with their new “school uniforms” before bed-time tonight…complete with school mascot. 🙂  DSC_0594 DSC_0595