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Trinity has been learning about Earth’s features and land-forms in science. I simply had to post our most recent project because I have ZERO ‘crafty’ or artistic skills and am so excited about how it turned it out! No really. Zero. If the girls need something sewn, they give it to Andy or set it aside until we will be seeing one of their grandmothers. But salt-dough is like cooking. I figured THAT I could handle. Trinity built and painted a model featuring many of the things she has been learning about.

Below you can find: Mountains, rivers, a lake, plains, deserts, a valley, a plateau, a mesa, and a butte (full disclosure…I only learned the difference between those last three land forms two days ago! I think I’m learning as much as she is.). She also included an archipelago, a peninsula, ocean, coastal lands. Oh…and a volcano. That was improvised after Lilly had to “check” if the salt dough was dry yet and broke off the top of one of the mountains. Since Trin has also been reading about volcanos, magma, and tectonic plates etc. that worked out well!


We gave it a Utah touch with all those red-rocks. She decided to call her creation Trinland (like Finland). Maybe it’s time we read ‘Weslandia’ and come up with some more fun details about her country.

Lilly, of course, made her own. But there was a lot more pink and purple involved:photo (9)