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Ask not what DID we do on our first day of summer vacation but what DIDN’T we do??

After dropping Lilly off at Preschool Trin and I went out to breakfast where we had a ton of fun hanging out and alternately reading and playing Connect Four:

IMG_2744 Then we headed back to Lilly’s school for her Mother’s Day performance. Excuse the quality of photo but this little cutie sang and did the motions VERY well:IMG_2746 We then grabbed a special lunch and headed to Thanksgiving Point for the dinosaur museum. Couldn’t resist taking a photo with the Megaladon. You’d think it would get old but it doesn’t. 🙂IMG_2753Next stop, the gardens! The tulips are still in full swing:
IMG_2757IMG_2759 IMG_2769 IMG_2787 IMG_2792 Peeking through the door of The Secret Garden: IMG_2794This is a glass blown art piece by a local artist:IMG_2801IMG_2803 The last mile of our walk was very treacherous. We had to avoid the hot lava (red bricks) by walking only on the grey bricks:IMG_2804 Of course, practical problem solver that Lilly is, she discovered that if you just stay to the side, they are ALL grey. She walked back on the side while Trin preferred to dodge certain death up the center:IMG_2807 IMG_2821After all THAT, you’d think we would be done, BUT….there were farm animals to see! And wagon rides to take:IMG_2825And old friends to run into! Ashley has a two month old now, which I find crazy since Lilly was two months old the last time we saw her!IMG_2823There were also fears to conquer! Lilly is VERY proud to announce that she got on a horse again!!! Not without wanting mommy to stand next to her while it walked, but I was okay with that and SOOOO proud of her for getting up there!IMG_2826Of course, that deserved a celebration so after inspecting baby goats, sheep, chicks, a peacock, cows, and more Percherons, we headed to the ice cream parlor (after a stop to wash hands!) and ordered ourselves up a Brownie Sundae:IMG_2827I know what you’re thinking. You couldn’t possibly have finished that! IMG_2832Oh yes we did!