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From my dear friend’s beautiful blog. This sums up how we felt for the duration of our time in Utah.

Ex-Mormon Mom

Dear Friends,

I’m asking you to  become prayer warriors for the unique little swath of planet Earth known as Utah Valley.  Pray now…and tomorrow…and the next day..and the next. The hurting people of this place need the real Christ so badly.

Hello Utah County

Things are weird here, and oh so beautiful, all at the same time. Utah Valley/County is the most Mormon place you can find on the globe. It’s the home of Brigham Young University. There’s an LDS Church building on every corner. It is known by us ex-Mormons as the Ground Zero of Mormonism. Salt Lake City may be the head of the LDS Church, but Utah County is the heart. Urbanization over the years has mellowed Salt Lake County’s identity somewhat, but Utah Valley remains only one dominant flavor.

I live in a sweet little commuter community called Eagle Mountain. It’s as All-American, Leave-It-To-Beaver as you can…

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