Final stop on our big ‘Girls Getaway 2015’ was Boston. At the start of the trip I had visions of doing the Freedom Trail or other major famous Boston things…but by the time we rolled in to Chez Liz&Rob we were rather road weary and just wanted to enjoy some time with very dear friends. I’ve known Liz since 6th grade. Please don’t do the math. Suffices to say it’s been a long time. 🙂  And she married well. Rob is all-around awesome guy, so we were looking forward hanging out with people we like!

After saying goodbye to Lauren (whom we also really like!) we learned that dinner is far more fun with Auntie Liz and Uncle Rob than it is at home. Home-made Pasta with Aubergine Sauce?!? Yes, please!!

IMG_0467What is better than regular length pasta? Pasta that’s longer than your children are tall. True story.IMG_0487IMG_0495Here’s another true story. How do you get your kids to happily eat eggplant? (Aside from grandpa’s eggplant fritters?) Call it by it’s British name and mix it with pasta they made themselves:IMG_0501IMG_0514
IMG_0505IMG_0502Too much time spent on the pasta? What can I say, it was a fun time.  Not photographed here are the rocking out, dancing to T-Swift, and the British lessons. (Did I mention Rob is English?) We decided our new route to getting a scholarship for Trin’s college is for her to apply as a minority. The “Americans Who Speak British” minority. It’s a little known group and, as such, is surely deserving of a free college education. Plus it’s always good to be bilingual in life.

The next day we spent the morning at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Since Trin is getting the aforementioned scholarship we can now afford Harvard, so it made sense to check it out. Actually, we mostly wanted to see the Rocks and Minerals collection. Since Rob just finished a documentary on the topic, he and Trin had a blast nerding out together. 🙂

Our afternoon was spent at Walden Pond where I pretty much forgot to take pictures except for this one:IMG_0515Thank you Liz and Rob for hosting us! We enjoyed the walks and ice cream and pancake flipping contests, the pasta and dancing and museums and swimming. Most of all we enjoyed seeing you two!

With that we concluded our Girls Getaway for the summer and headed home to see Andy in time for Father’s Day. It was amazing to explore so much on our first major East Coast trip and we look forward to exploring more but by the end we were happy to be home with our favorite guy. We all voted he should join us next time. 🙂