For the second year in a row we were invited by friends to join them on their annual camping trip to Alta and, for the second year in a row, we had to cancel at the last minute.  At least this year we were able to make it up the first night to join them for what we thought would be dinner and campfire fun.

As we were on our way up the mountain we learned that we would be doing a short hike after dinner.  We didn’t have Lilly’s backpack with us but had done the Cecret Lake hike nearly 3 years ago and knew that it is neither long nor difficult. However….we were soon to learn that length and difficulty of a hike is, in actuality, a factor of multiple hiking circumstances.  These circumstances may include (but are not limited to),

1. The presence (or lack thereof) of proper hiking equipment for lugging the youngest hiking partner up the trail.

2. The presence of massive quantities of mosquitos swarming about you as you hike.

3. AND…Both the length and difficulty are raised exponentially with the amount of time the hike continues past the normal bedtime of the youngest participating member of the group.

I offer photographic evidence:

Despite Lilly’s desperation for bedtime, we did have a great time with good friends (and Uncle Matt who is in town!).  It was a beautiful hike at the height of wildflower season.  Here are a few more pictures of our adventures:

Trinity plays tug of war with Uncle Matt

Brothers gotta hug!

Wildflowers                                                   Snow on the trail in AUGUST!

The Shaffer Gang