We recently enjoyed a visit from our dear friend Lauren. Living in San Diego has it perks, but there are no snow adventures to be had. Lauren was hankering for some fun in the snow and we were happy to oblige. We were especially happy to be able to oblige since our snowfall has been woefully low this year. However we got a good storm a few days before she arrived so there was plenty of white fluffy fun to be had.

I think it’s best I tell the story of Lauren’s visit through pictures. Thankfully before she was whisked off to India as a group-trip photographer, Lauren had time to email her pictures to me. Having a professional photographer around means I didn’t end up taking my camera with me too much! We kicked off the trip with a journey to Solitude ski resort where we snowshoed to a yurt for an amazing 5 course meal. When you reserve your spot they ask if you have any food allergies. Aside from that the chef will prepare whatever she feels like that day. It was incredible!

With Lauren about to start our adventure:Walking up to the start of the trail. Let me light your way!Arriving at the yurt.Jamie (who joined us!) at the yurt entrance:

Inside the yurt. A fun and lively dining experience! The best way to chill your white wine:
Of course, I can’t resist including the photos of our food. We’re missing a picture of one course, but the rest are represented:

Parsnip Soup garnished with apple salad:Crab cake with grapefruit-fennel slaw:Wagyu Beef with Creamy Polenta. Cinnamon-Chocolate Panna Cotta topped with Chantilly Cream and Sea Salt:Everything was DIVINE….If you live in Utah or are planning a visit, you MUST enjoy this experience!

Next we had a family photo shoot. We will get the bulk of those photos after Lauren returns from India but here are a couple she left with me:

Then we were off on a girl’s day ski adventure:Lauren and The Many Layered Ski Coat:Me with Timpanogos in the background. I was on top of that mountain this past fall!The next day was Lilly’s birthday. Those photos can be seen in the ‘Lilly Turns Two!” post. On Lauren’s last day we felt it was important to stop and support local business and get liege waffles on the way to the airport. We’re just benevolent like that. 🙂

Lauren enjoying a Liege Waffle with Belgian Chocolate:

That concludes our adventures with Lauren! The one thing we should have done while she was here that we didn’t was have a family dance party. I guess we have to leave something exciting to entice her to come back next time!