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I love the dichotomy of old and new in China. Despite living a short ferry ride away for 7 years, I only remember two instances in which I went into the mainland. The last of these visits was in 1992. Having seen what China was like in the early 90’s and returning 20 years later lent itself to sharp comparisons of the changes that have taken place.  Most notable were the vastly increased and improved infrastructure and improvements in sanitation. As we biked through villages and bussed between cities there were other glimpses showcasing China’s booming economy. The use of granulated fertilizers in rice paddies seems to have replaced the traditional water buffalo fertilizer. There is far greater diversity in the agriculture being grown. In addition to the expected rice paddies we saw squash, green chilies, beans, and various types of fruit orchards. The number of cars on the roads has exploded and I did a double take one day as this passed us on the freeway:Twenty years ago, the thought of encountering a Lamborghini on the roads of China would have been laughable. Change is everywhere. But there are two things that have not changed: The beauty of the people and the land in which they live. I thought the photos that try to capture all of the above deserved a post of their own. The stories of our biking experiences will have to wait one more day. For now I’d simply like to share some images from southern China:

A fading picture of Mao watches over villagers who have gathered on a rainy day for games of cards and mahjong:

A mountain of broken glass waits to be mixed with sand at a local glass factory and  recycled into new jars:New glass bottles, still glowing with heat, emerge:
Looking at two Gold Mountain Mansions through the gun portal of another: