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You could spend two weeks in Hong Kong and not run out of things to do but we had exactly 12 hours before heading into China.  It is always wonderful to go back and yet strange to be hit with so many memories triggered by the places, smells, and tastes of my most formative years. No matter how long since my last visit or how short my stay, Hong Kong will always feel like home.

While living there, the thought of being mistaken for a tourist was distasteful (except maybe when wanting to use the lobby restroom in a fancy hotel – Is that terrible to admit?). This time, however, I brought along my good camera and shamelessly snapped whatever photos struck my fancy:

Wong Tai Sin Temple:

The Peak

Wan Chai Market

The American Restaurant – Despite the name this is a Peking Style old school Chinese restaurant. It was the first place I ever tried Chinese food (at the age of 11), where I learned to use chopsticks, and a place where the servers watched my siblings and I grow up over years of Sunday after-church lunches. If it hadn’t been on the agenda for this trip I may have had to mutiny.

 Dried Chili Beef rolled into a Chinese pancake with plum sauce and Chicken and Cashews. The servers laughed at us for years but eventually gave up trying to convince us that the Chicken and Cashews were not “supposed” to be placed in the pancakes. Our “Chinese Burrito” will always be a family favorite……and it was greatly enjoyed!
In the haze of a nostalgic food coma (perhaps enhanced by 30 hours without sleep) I neglected to take any more Hong Kong photos. After lunch we headed to Stanley Market and took the high school students to see Hong Kong International School. Then it was off to China on a high speed ferry…