No matter that the Chinese zodiac says it is the year of the Dragon. In the Shaffer household it is most assuredly The Year of the Monkey.

Since beginning 1st grade Trinity has put her heart and soul into mastering the monkey bars during recess. I thought it would be a passing phase, but it has been an entire year of after school daily updates on her Monkey Bar feats. She has stuck with it through rain, wind, snow, blisters, and calluses. Her triumphant milestones have included making it all the way across, becoming proficient in both the regular and “slippery” monkey bars (still not sure what that means. One set on the school playground is evidently harder than another?), skipping every other bar as she crosses sides and now she has achieved the grande finale.  She unveiled her latest accomplishment at the playground by our house this afternoon:

The Hanging Rings Monkey Bars:They were clearly no match for her skills!