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I love Bryce Canyon. I suppose that wouldn’t really distinguish it from any other National Park. Since moving to Utah we have enjoyed trips to Zion, Arches, Yellowstone, and Bryce, ALL of which we have loved. Whenever someone asks our opinion about a particular park I find myself answering “We LOVED it! It was our FAVORITE trip.” And somehow that is true for every one of them. Each one is so unique. I can’t really pick a favorite, so they’re all my favorite. Just between you and me, when PBS did that documentary series on how all the National Parks were established, Andy and I watched them all. Sometimes I think we’re 80 at heart! 🙂

But back to Bryce Canyon. Why is Bryce my favorite? The Hoodoos are a surreal, almost alien landscape, the colors so vivid you think you’re looking at the world through a filter. Our first trip there a year and a half ago is what inspired us to invest in a better camera. This week we returned for a quick two day trip:

We headed south to Bryce where Trinity was picked up and whisked off to Arizona but not before we got a few shots with her in the red rocks:

Then we headed off for a hike:
Looking back through Wall Street:After our hike, Lilly thoroughly enjoyed her ice cream treat:

Then she fell in LOVE with some horses we came across and the cowboys thought she was so cute, she was offered a free ride. Heaven help us if Andy gets transferred to Bluegrass!This morning, despite Andy being under the weather, we did get out for a quick hike before deciding it was best to cut our trip short and head home. 

Mossy Cave is, indeed, mossy:Throwing rocks!
So…Would we recommend Bryce Canyon? From our family to yours….We think you’ll LOVE it!

We do!