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Aaaahhhh Summmer! Endless hours of fun, exploring, and adventures! Here are a few of our adventures thus far:

Feeding the ducks at Liberty Park:

Cherries are delicious and our faces show it!

Fun with friends:

Water fun:

Running away from it can be just as much fun as playing in it:

Some of our fun as been inspired by things I used to do with my students. Trin and I reviewed fractions and then used, whole, half, and quarter pieces of biscuits to make Biscuit Bunnies. (An AIMS lesson- Activities Integrating Math and Science). 

Okay, it may have come out a little lopsided, but she tried to make them all equal size when she cut them! 🙂

There have also been some pinterest inspired activities. I’m telling you, five minutes on pinterest twice a day is all you need to find some great ideas!

Fizzie fun! Baking soda and vinegar with food coloring:Pom poms and marbles are apparently endless fun for a toddler…

They roll around pizza pans like nobody’s business:

They’re fun to pour in and out of tupperware and pitchers…And salad spinners are the ultimate in marble/pompom fun:

Washing their babies has become a regular beat-the-heat activity around here:

We’ve also had grand adventures outside including picnics and scavenger hunts in American Fork Canyon:Lilly specializes in finding sticks, spider webs, and ROCKS!Other fun has included:

Sleepovers:Cooking:and playgrounds:

And when we’re all tuckered out, movie time:Lilly is apparently writing a review of what she is watching. She’s gone through several drafts:That concludes our summer family update! Thanks for checking it out!