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Last week our family embarked on a journey to Canada for the wedding of Andy’s youngest brother, Thom. In an effort to consolidate packing and prevent bogging ourselves down with extra things to lug around it was suggested (*cough* by Andy) that we leave the good camera at home. He has consistently insisted that a camera phone is perfectly sufficient for most photographic needs. Well, I don’t know about that, but a whole family trip on just a camera phone? Challenge accepted!

Here is our trip to Canada, on a camera phone:

The girls are still smiling on our second flight, despite the fact that it is 7AM back at home. With the exception of a 45 minute snooze on the first flight, they have been awake since 10:30 the night before when we woke them to head to the airport. Flying is FAR too exciting to bother sleeping!

Taxiing to take off sounded like this if you were in our vicinity: “Airplane daddy! Airplane! Another airplane daddy! Another airplane!! Look! Another airplane!” (Every airplane we passed had to be individually pointed out with great enthusiasm.) Take off sounded like this: “It’s too fast!!!” (followed by giggles of GREAT delight!)  Landing sounded like this: “A CASTLE!!!!” (It was an air traffic control tower) Another airplane! Another airplane! Look, another airplane!…” (You get the idea.)

Car rides however are nowhere near as exciting:Lilly quietly and methodically colored until she fell asleep mid-marker-stroke. In this manner, we entered the country of Canada:Grandpa Jed couldn’t wait to see his girls! We enjoyed breakfast the next morning joined by our friends Bob, Mary, and their two little ones Elie and Ethan. Stills of people posing outside? check. The phone camera passes:That evening was the rehearsal. It seems camera phones are not as good at capturing subjects in motion:

They are perfectly capable of capturing tired eyes though. That is one tired baby girl!The day of the wedding arrived. It seems I have no photos of the bride and groom! Apparently when you don’t take pictures (because you know there will be a million taken by other people, not to mention the professional photographer) it turns out that when you get home you don’t have any pictures for yourself! Who knew? 🙂 I do have a few of the girls though. The camera phone loses more points for quality here:Lilly was SO overtired, there was absolutely NO getting her to pose for a picture of any sort. Action shots in the nursery is all I’ve got!

Then there was some post-ceremony snuggling with daddy:After this picture I headed back into the sanctuary to see where Trinity was. She was very carefully making her way back down the aisle picking the rose petals back up and placing them back in her basket! Wish I had a picture of that. It was too cute!

It seems I was terrible at documenting aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, or even the wonderful early Canadian Thanksgiving feast we were fed by our sister-in-law’s sister. (Is there a name for that? sister-in-law’s sister seems to sound silly! Forget ten times fast, I don’t think I could say that twice.) 🙂 The next time I remembered to pull out my phone was the last day of our trip when we had some time together with just the four of us. We headed to Niagara falls and decided to get the full experience. This seems to be where the camera phone excelled:

A kind stranger offered to take our family picture and it’s one of the best family pictures we’ve ever taken, Camera phone gets major points for that (as does the kind stranger!):Then under and behind the falls we went. Trinity explains how awesome it is. (I couldn’t get rid of the red-eye here without it looking even more creepy for some reason!):After some ice cream to keep us going, we boarded The Maid of the Mist:

Lilly was a big fan and was dancing around the deck until the last part of the ride when the boat turned and we got soaked like a torrential downpour from the falls! Then she huddled up to daddy until we were off the boat:Trin after a thorough drenching:I think the lesson we can all take away from this post is: If you have a wedding to attend, you’ll want the real camera but if you’re going to Niagara Falls, the camera phone will not let you down! You may even end up with a killer family photo!