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I love Fall. I mean, I absolutely love Fall! Does it have this affect on everyone or am I extra enthralled with it because I never lived anywhere that had real seasons until I was an adult? San Diego and Hong Kong are pretty amazing places to live, but they are woefully short on the majesty of vivid seasonal changes.

This weekend we spent some time in American Fork Canyon…which around our house is now simply referred to as “our” canyon. We spent a lot of time up there this summer. I took the girls once a week to play, throw rocks, and sticks, and just enjoy being in nature. We have a special spot that we refer to as “ours.” I have considered changing it up and finding a new location for them to explore, but they get SO excited to go to our special spot that they are simply giddy when we arrive. How can you pass up looks like this?Due to travels we hadn’t been into the canyon in two weeks and the change in that time was astounding. We had seen hints that fall was on it’s way on our last visit, but the colors nearly took my breath away as we wound deeper into the canyon. I had a hard time knowing where to begin when trying to capture it in photos. I told Andy “The colors are so vivid, I don’t know how else to describe them except to say that they look like candy!” Indeed, I felt like a kid in a candy store marveling at the the hillsides bejeweled in their fall finery. Here is some of the eye candy we enjoyed:

I almost feel guilty that Andy will be at work tomorrow because Lilly and I?…We’ll be in the canyon with some friends enjoying another perfect Fall day.