Last night we sat on our couch in front of a large picture window and watched the snow gently fall. The lights of the Christmas tree were reflected in the window. Andy was still in his tux and I in my dress…having arrived home just moments ago from his company Christmas party. It was one of those quiet but perfect moments in life. It made me think back to another quiet, perfect moment we had almost five years ago…

In San Diego, of all places, a storm delayed Andy’s evening flight. They circled high above the airport until it was safe to land. Since we had begun dating five months earlier we had lived coast to coast and only saw each other once every three to four weeks. This meant that delayed flights were that much more difficult to swallow without feeling somehow cheated out of precious time together. He finally landed around midnight and we had a one hour drive back to Fallbrook.

December 22nd, 2007, I mostly remember the gentle all-day rain and being incredibly sleepy which is why we found ourselves curled up with Trinity (who was 2 1/2 at the time) and having a wonderfully quiet and lazy afternoon that soon found us all asleep…

My eyes fluttered open long enough to notice that Trinity was still asleep next to me, but Andy was no longer there. Before I had time to wonder much about where he had gone I drifted off again…

I awoke to the sound of someone moving near me. Trinity, unmoved, was still sound asleep, but Andy was kneeling beside the bed next to me. He said all sorts of things that made my heart melt, and then finished with “This has been the most perfect day. I want a million more just like it. Will you marry me?” A ring and quiet hugs and kisses followed as we made the decision to become a family.

With Trinity now 7 and the addition of Lilly (almost three!) to our family, ‘perfect’ moments these days are more likely to involve giggles and dance parties than family nap time but we wouldn’t change any of it. Better than the big, over-the-top life experiences the media tries to sell us, I truly find the best moments are to be found in the quiet, little, silly, or unexpected moments of simply doing life together. I pray that we are granted the time for a million more to come.

Just days after our engagement we were off to Hong Kong, where we first met 15 years before. Here we are in front of Repulse Bay where we both lived in our high school years.DSCF0176