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I’ve toyed with the idea of giving it up for at least six months, but in the end I always end up reaching for that bottle one more time. It is a socially acceptable form of addiction but I have decided that, for me, enough is enough. I’m giving it up…and I’m going public with it.

I am a member of a minority group. It is a hereditary condition but you won’t hear about us on the news. Out of politeness, when people catch a glimpse of the truth, they pretend not to notice. I always find that amusing, “Come on, people! That’s about as genuine as telling Rudolph you really couldn’t tell his nose is red!” But I am no longer going to live in shame or hide behind the bottle (which I have had to rely upon with greater and greater frequency.) It’s a habit I simply can’t keep up with anymore.

The truth is: I HAVE GRAY HAIR. (Gasp!!! Say it isn’t so! You’re so young!) Yes. I have gray hair and not an insignificant amount. I got my first gray hair some time in elementary school. I couldn’t tell you what percentage of my hair is currently gray because I have dyed it for so long I’ve never let it grow out enough to know how much of it has turned. But I’m now going to find out.

I’m done with the chemicals, and mess, and endless roots that need to be treated…well that part might take a little while until it is fully grown out to my natural color, but I’ll suck it up because I believe the end result will be worth it…A totally natural me. Don’t mistake this for “letting myself go.” As I have begun research for how to go about embracing my silver and white strands, words like “gloss coats,” “leave in serum,” “deep conditioning,” and “specialized shampoo,” are everywhere, as well as the need to get a consult for new make-up as the new hair color changes your entire palette. But I fully intend to “own it” as a friend put it when I announced the news. It will be my own fashion statement, if you will.

My mother has had a gorgeous silver mane since I can remember. As far as I know she has never dyed a hair on her head but gets more hair compliments than anyone I know. Society, who tells me I “shouldn’t” have gray hair until I’m at least 60 can suck it. (Excuse the language). I’m embracing it now at the ripe old age of 34 and will, from time to time, catalog my transformation here on the blog. That’s my confession: the naked truth about my hair color, and I suppose I have just stumbled upon my resolution for 2013!

Here’s a picture of my mom at my wedding. I have a ways to go before I get there but it’s something to aspire to:Wedding 128