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Happy Fort Friday! The girls got fort making kits for Christmas. These consisted of good clamps, sheets, and head lamps.


These are the clamps. You can get them at Lowe’s (or Home Depot I’m sure). They are strong enough to hold the fort taught (saggy forts are the pits!) but gentle enough to not damage household furniture. 🙂

Today we decided to institute Fort Friday’s. These will take place on a (semi) regular basis and will consist of exploring the best places to make awesome forts in our home. I moved all the furniture out of the way in the dining area and, with Lilly literally cheering for me on the sides, set up this fort:

First the sheets were set in place.DSC_0304But tile floor is awfully cold and hard! So I set down some yoga mats as a nonstick surface:DSC_0306Then I placed an old feather mattress on top of them:DSC_0307All that was left was to get out sleeping bags and camping equipment! DSC_0310DSC_0312When Trinity got home from school the fun continued. We made a fort appropriate dinner of hot dogs with guacamole and chips:DSC_0337Dessert was also fort/camping themed. Banana S’mores:

Slit a banana down the middle and stuff with chocolate chips and marshmallows.DSC_0343Wrap it up in a foil pouch and cook in the oven at 400*F for about 10 minutes until the marshmallows are good and gooey. You can then sprinkle with crushed graham crackers. We forgot to do this but didn’t notice because they were so yummy just the way they were!DSC_0353The girls were so enthralled with the fort that they asked to sleep in it tonight. We were total softies and let them. DSC_0358Against all odds they are both sound asleep!