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Twelve books in twelve months. That’s the goal. No less than six will be nonfiction.

I love to read but seldom find the time to do it. When I DO, it is not out of the realm of possibility that I get sucked into the book so much that I prefer keeping my nose in the book to, say….doing laundry or parenting. Then there’s the recovery time from each book. You know what I’m talking about:book hangover

It’s usually easier that I just not get started.

Recently, however, Andy and I decided to cancel our Direct TV. There were two primary reasons….#1 We found it all too easy to flop down at the end of the day and simply “veg out” to mindless entertainment. There is a time and a place to enjoy that kind of thing, but every night is a little excessive. If there is something we really want to watch, surely we can find it on Netflix or Hulu Plus. Which brings us to #2 Why should we continue to pay exorbitant amounts for something we can get far cheaper elsewhere?

We now spend several evenings a week in the quietness of mutual reading or sometimes discussing the books at hand. I love travel and adventures in life but I also seriously look forward to putting the kids to bed, making some tea, and snuggling up next to Andy to read. How old am I?!  🙂

I decided to do a little blurb on each book as I go. I’m not writing major critiques, just thoughts, impressions, and perhaps a few favorite quotes. If you are looking for something to read, feel free to check them out. If you DO read any of the books I post I would love to hear your thoughts in the “comments” section.

Happy Reading!!