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You’ve probably seen this sign somewhere. It’s kicking around the internet in a bunch of places :pick any twoI actually find this to be totally false. I thought, for the sake of encouragement, I would share my day yesterday. This way other moms can see what you CAN accomplish in a day! (Please not the presence of heavy sarcasm there!)

I was having people over so I knew I was going to have to be really on the ball. Dinner and dessert were made before Trinity and I even started school for the day. School then got done, the kids headed outside to play with a neighbor and I not only cleaned the guest bathroom and finished up the dishes from cooking, I managed to vacuum…including UNDER the couches AND couch cushions! While Lilly napped, Trin and I got some more school work done. Then I actually had time to shower before running out the door to take Trin to her horseback riding lessons. I got home with ten minutes to spare before company arrived and I had time to throw dinner back on the stove top to get it ready to serve. This is what then went through my mind:

  • School- check!
  • Dinner made and ready to serve on time – check!
  • You can walk across the family room floor without tripping over toys – check!
  • Guest bathroom clean – check!
  • You can SEE my kitchen counters – check! (and a woo hoo!)
  • Kids were fed, educated, napped, and activities taken care of today – check!
  • I may not have had time for my workout but I’d say it was a pretty good day. I’m even ready for company to arrive….

Let me tell you…I was feeling pretty. darn. good. “Busy day? NAILED IT!” I was saying to myself in a sing-song voice. Is it uncool to admit that I MAY have wanted to give myself a high five? Then I had five minutes to spare before company arrived. I thought I would take one last glance around to see the fruits of my labor after such a productive day. This is what I saw:

My dining room table looked like this: DSC_0287

Don’t ask….Just don’t.

Then I noticed our recycling (which is on display for the world to see because our house was designed by a monkey and there is no room for it anywhere else) looked like this: DSC_0288Awesome. Nothing says “Relaxing dinner with friends” like looking at garbage.

And the first thing you see when you come into our house? The school room. In my rush to actually take a shower, the school room stayed looking like this:DSC_0290

As I looked around I realized that even on the days when I feel like I have it all together. I DON’T have it altogether. And with that…company arrived. I kind of wanted to answer the door by saying “Will you please look under my couches and notice they are both toy AND dust-bunny free?”

Around our house we don’t “pick any two,” we “Pick one…maybe.” Anyone else?