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This post is made possible by two factors. #1 My friend Brittany suggested (the day before we left for our camping trip) that we check out Canyonlands since we would be in the area on our intended Arches National Park camping trip. #2 We’ve kicked around the idea of renting a jeep to explore parts of Southern Utah for a long time and never bit the bullet to do it. This weekend we spontaneously changed plans, headed to Moab, rented a jeep for a day, and it turned out to be the best decision we could have made!

I cannot stress this enough: If you are going to Canyonlands National Park, RENT A JEEP so you can go on the dirt roads down in the canyon and off the beaten path. It was amazing, stunning, and by far, the highlight of our trip. The views from other points are, admittedly gorgeous, but coming up the back way from the bottom of one of the canyons was breathtaking with gorgeous surprises around every turn. We have been to most of Utah’s other National Parks (loved every one!!) and didn’t really think there was much left to surprise us but this experience proved us wrong. Bonus: one of the roads we came up was Shafer road through Shafer Canyon. They may have spelled it wrong but we still felt it was meant to be. 🙂 These photos won’t do any of it justice, but will hopefully give you a taste of what awaits you should you choose to see it for yourself (and we suggest you do!!):

Not even in the park yet! You can see the jeep. Can you find Andy?

Photo 2013-04-28 01.33.49 PMPhoto 2013-04-28 01.43.59 PM

Not a bad little spot for lunch:


Overlooking the Colorado River:Photo 2013-04-28 01.44.36 PM Mesa Arch:Photo 2013-04-28 01.45.12 PMGrand Viewpoint on Island in the Sky:
Photo 2013-04-28 01.47.24 PMPhoto 2013-04-28 01.48.12 PM