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Trinity has officially turned 8! I think it’s the funnest birthday she has ever had. The title pretty much says it all. We celebrated with beach and BBQ in California, then headed home to Utah and celebrated again at the barn with horseback riding and painting. It was an absolute blast! The photos say it all:

We were so thankful that our friends Bethany and Sophia (from our Hong Kong days) were able to join us with their kids. We’re working on second (and third!) generation friendships. We were also excited our dear friend Lauren (who took the family photo at the top of this blog site!) was able to come too.
IMG_1399 Lilly was NOT enamored with the water! She preferred to play in the sand.IMG_1401 Auntie Bethany and Norah with the birthday girl:IMG_1403 Trin and Boppa:IMG_1405Fun on the swings with Lilly and Ivi:IMG_1416Trinity and James:IMG_1417The HKIS AlumIMG_1421All the ladies (minus Ivi and Lilly who were having too much fun on the swings!)IMG_1425That evening we tried out ‘Oink and Moo’ a new BBQ place in Fallbrook. We can’t say enough good things about it! The food and service were both outstanding and, as you can see….we had no shortage of fun! DSC_0204 DSC_0202DSC_0208DSC_0225 DSC_0214DSC_0244 By some miracle we are all looking at the camera in this one:

DSC_0240But let’s be honest, this one is more true to life!DSC_0237

Back in Utah, we hit the barn with Trinity’s beloved trainer, Mary, and lots of friends. As a special treat, Mary let the kids ride Christie (her best show horse whom Trinity has never ridden before!)

Lilly puts on Christie’s bell boots:

DSC_0256 Zoe, Jessie, and Trinity are excited to ride:DSC_0254 Brushing Christie before saddling her up:DSC_0251Wan Ying checks Christie out close up:DSC_0258Trinity about to ride:
DSC_0265Three lovely ladies!DSC_0280 Zoe ready to ride:DSC_0285 Sasha looks on (in her awesome pony pants!)DSC_0276

Mary let Trinity be the one to walk Lilly around the arena:
DSC_0334 DSC_0307

The whole gang:
DSC_0300Next up was painting Leo. He was such a good sport:

DSC_0359 DSC_0351Then, of course, he needed a bath:DSC_0368It turns out some grown up help was required:DSC_0369By then we were awfully hungry:DSC_0375Happy Birthday Trinity! It was two perfect days of celebrations!DSC_0379