I know we are closing in on Christmas but I was remiss in not documenting our November adventures. Shortly before Thanksgiving we enjoyed a visit from Andy’s parents that involved one delightfully snowy day and one delightfully sunny day.

There was a never-ending game of Wildanimalopoly, in which Lilly cleaned house and grandpa taught Trinity to be leary of smooth-talking wheelers and dealers – all in the name of imparting vital life lessons of course:

DSC_0001There were art projects and magnetic mosaics:

DSC_0004 DSC_0006There was also a fun day at the park. A few days prior, Trinity had conquered this climbing apparatus and was eager to show her new skills to daddy and grandparents. “I am my father’s monkey!” she proudly declared. She was extra excited to have company on her latest climb:IMG_2164Much to mommy’s relief, Lilly happily climbed the lower sections and was just as please with herself as Trinity:IMG_2141We had a fun time and said goodbye knowing the next time we would see them was just over a month away.  🙂