Continuing my catch-up posts from November:

The day after Andy’s parents headed back to Colorado we were California bound for our Thanksgiving break. We truly felt like we were on vacation this time. We spent one whirlwind day….

Seeing my grandparents:IMG_2166

DSC_0013 DSC_0015

Taking the girls to Extraordinary Desserts (Andy and I used to have dates there back in the day and it’s also where we got our wedding cakes. It was so fun to take the girls!)IMG_2168Then we walked off our dessert at the San Diego Natural History Museum. Well, we like to think we did…those were some pretty serious desserts. But the museum was a big hit:

Sorry I didn’t get pictures in any of the really cool parts of the museum. We were too busy having fun 🙂

IMG_2173We then continued our walk around Balboa Park:IMG_2186and even found a fountain that matched the magical hue of Lilly’s pants:IMG_2199 We topped off the night by having dinner with the cousins!! Chicken Pot Pie at a spot apparently famous with locals. We quite enjoyed the old-school home-style cooking:IMG_2200Yup that was all one day and it ended like this. Do you like how gifted our girls are at trashing the car on road-trips? We don’t like to brag but their skills in this arena are pretty advanced: