Why do schoolwork when there is a gloriously lazy but steady snowfall to enjoy???

Trin and I spent nearly two hours this morning on a spontaneous walk in the snow that included hot coco with melted marshmallows, catching snowflakes on our tongues, a cranky goose and…well…the rest of the journey I give you in photos:

(Why yes, that IS hot chocolate around Trin’s mouth.)

IMG_2455 As soon as our hot chocolate was finished, Trinity declared war. The entire second half of our journey was one big snowball fight: IMG_2464Mixed with the occasional stop for making snow-angels:IMG_2473 And stopping to admire some horses. Notice she DID remain armed and dangerous during this photo op, plotting her next attack. I believe that particular snowball wound up a dead hit at the back of my collar and proceeded to drip down my neck and back as it quickly melted. 😀IMG_2474It was a tremendously fun morning but I have to admit, my favorite part came last of all. With about 1/3 of a mile to go Trinity called for a truce then asked if she could hold my hand, which she did the rest of the way home. It was enough to melt this mommy’s heart on a snowy day.