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I never thought I was a beach girl. Sorry to my native California but it turns out I AM a beach girl…IF the beach is on a tropical island with crystal clear blue water.

Andy surprised the girls and I this Christmas by revealing he had cashed in some airline points for tickets to St. Thomas! Just about the time I was at the end of my tolerance for cold this winter, the trip was upon us. We left the day after my birthday and were so excited we didn’t even mind waking up at 3:00AM to make our flight. Better yet? Because of his rewards status Andy got bumped to first class on the longer second flight and gave me the seat. So I spent some of the first hours of vacation sipping a mimosa and listening to my new playlist in peace. He’s seriously the best.

Within an hour of arrival these were our options for the afternoon: Hot tub? pool? beach? So hard to choose! So we did all three interchangeably:

IMG_3672 IMG_3674 Frenchman’s Cove:IMG_3683The girls in the infinity pool:IMG_3690

We also met these guys. The girls were intimidated until I suggested they name them. Meet Juana and Julia. They love to hang out on this spot over the waterfall at the resort. By the end of the trip the girls insisted we take one last walk up to see them to say goodbye:


Tired but happy on our balcony with the beach behind us:IMG_3692The next morning Lilly accompanied daddy to get coffee. I just loved the outfit she chose:IMG_3709Meanwhile, Trin and I strolled the beach by the early morning light:IMG_3719-001 IMG_3735The rest of the day was spent between the pool and the beach with a mid-day nap for everyone. It was pretty much the perfect day.