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Life is moving quickly toward new adventures and if I don’t finish posting our vacation now, I never will! As this is my chance to document life for our girls I feel the need to finish what I’ve started. 🙂

Following our day on St. John we had a delightfully lazy morning. . . We’re talking didn’t-get-up-until-8:00AM kind of lazy. For our early risers that’s a borderline miracle. They woke up stinkin’ cute and ready for another day:IMG_3817

And just look at what the humidity does to this one’s hair. I love it!IMG_3820

After more lazy time at the pool we re-slathered our sunscreen and headed down to the dock where we boarded ‘Castaway Cat,’ our Catamaran voyage to Turtle Cove on Buck Island. We snorkeled with Sea Turtles! It was a highlight of the trip. I managed to snap this one of Lilly in her full snorkel gear before our first turtle sighting put all thoughts of photos out of my mind:DSC_0285Yes ma’am! This little nugget was READY to snorkel with Sea Turtles! . . . . Until she stepped a toe into the water. Then she sided with the locals who think all us tourists are LOCO for swimming in the water that time of year. She declared it TOO COLD and preferred to watch her Sea Turtles from the boat. The water was 82 degrees. The air temperature was also 82 degrees. But it didn’t dampen our experience. Andy stayed with her the first shift, watching turtles, puffer fish, and whatever else swam by while I took Trinity out for a closer look. Then we swapped. Fun was had by all.

I loved hearing Trin’s excitement as we saw turtle after turtle. We even had to swim out of their way as they swam towards us surfacing for air. Inside I was squealing like a little kid at how amazing it was!

I may have forgotten all about photos but, thankfully, the crew did not. Sam (whom the girls adored) came around asking if people wanted photos. “Can I give her a hug?” Lilly asked me quietly. After Lilly’s sneak-attack hug, they were fast friends. DSC_0291

One the way home, Captain Nate let the girls steer the ship. Lilly gets instruction from the Captain:FullSizeRender (4)IMG_3862Sleeping in, a fun boat ride, snorkeling, sea turtles, and rum drinks (ahem, juice for the girls!). . . It was pretty much the perfect day. 🙂