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Trinity was very excited to add an 8th National Park to her list and I must say, I was excited too. I just did the math and realized she has been adding a national park to her list every year since she was 2. If she keeps this up, she’ll have been to all them by the age of 60! And I’ll beeeeeee. . .well never mind that. Back to Acadia. . .

We had a smashing time hiking, exploring, and eating our way around Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. Here are a few of our highlights, (Or not so few…many, here are many of our highlights):

Cadillac Mountain:

IMG_0107FullSizeRender (6)The girls absolutely LOVED being able to run and romp and explore to their heart’s content:IMG_0122I overheard this conversation while I sat on a rock and let them roam free:

Lilly: We’re mommy’s baby girls.

Trin: Yeah. One day I’m going to have a baby.

Lilly: Me too. But we’ll still be mommy’s baby girls. Even when we’re grandmas. Right, Trin?

Trin: Right.

Oh those sweet sweet girls!

After letting the girls romp, we headed to Jordon’s Pond for a picnic:IMG_0128


Unfortunately, I didn’t get any stellar photos of our horse carriage ride around Day Mountain but it was a beautiful ride.  We headed into Bar Harbor for dinner and a walk around the shops.

Now having completed the trip, I can tell you that this was our favorite lobster roll of the trip. Side Street Cafe:IMG_0152

Giant Eagle in downtown Bar Harbor? Need a picture with that:IMG_0147Giant Lobster holding an ice cream cone? Need a picture with that too, thanks:IMG_0156After this, we had to make a rule about how many weird things you can insist upon having your picture taken with in a day. We DID, however, take a picture of us enjoying Ben and Bill’s finest:IMG_0158The girls had so much fun at Cadillac Mountain, they begged us to return. It was even MORE clear the next day:IMG_0173IMG_0186


Then we were off to Sand Beach for the Great Head Hike. IMG_0207 IMG_0208IMG_0214Towards the end of that hike we encountered two young(ish) boys who told us about a  whale off the trail up ahead. This we needed to investigate:IMG_0232It was incredibly sad, incredibly smelly, and incredibly cool all at the same time. This young humpback got caught in a fishing net. It was rescued by the Coast Guard who hoped it was strong enough to survive but, sadly, it was not and it washed up on shore two days later. 😦  As sad as it was, it was pretty cool to see such an amazing creature up close. I just wish it were not under such tragic circumstances!

On that very sad note, I leave off for now. . .