My philosophy is: If you’re going to live somewhere, explore the region for all it’s worth. So when our good friend Lauren informed us that a couple had hired her to shoot their wedding in Maine this summer and would we like to join her there? I might not have even let her finish her sentence before responding, “YES!!!” If we’re going to be on the East Coast, we want to see ALL the things! And do ALL the things!

Trin arrived home from her last day of school at 10:47. By 11:03 we were pulling out of our driveway. Andy had many major work deadlines in the coming week so it turned out to be a GIRLS trip! Bummed that he couldn’t join us, Andy made me promise to post lots of pictures on Facebook. This I did aplenty. So abundant were my posts that I didn’t really plan on doing a blog about the trip until it was recently requested of me…plus there’s that whole “posterity” thing for my girls. 🙂

After a QUICK overnight in Boston (to be covered in another post) where we picked up Lauren (YAY!) we were ON. OUR. WAY!!IMG_0050First stop: Portland, Maine

We enjoyed:

Lobster:IMG_0052Love Locks:IMG_0059 Lobsta Rocka:IMG_0063And the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. It is the most photographed lighthouse in all of Maine. Who were we to not aid in it’s retention of this illustrious statistic?IMG_0072Plus we found this sign that I kind of wish we could put in Lilly’s room:IMG_0087

On that note of awesomeness we ended our time in Portland and pushed on toward Mt. Desert Island. But that will be the next post. 🙂