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I’m pretty much just going to let the photos speak for themselves on this experience. What’s not to love about getting to strap on a pair of crampons and explore glacial terrain? The tour ended with a toast of whiskey poured over 400 year old glacial ice. If you are heading to El Calafate and Parque Nacional Glaciares, we highly recommend it. Hielo y Aventura is the only company licensed to take people onto the glacier. The guides are great fun and very knowledgable.

These photos are a combination of our boat trip out to the glacier, our time ON the glacier, and the views from the extensive walkway network in Glaciares. Oh! And our little friend, the Patagonian Fox who came out of the woods to say hello.

To give you some perspective of the size of the Perito Moreno, the narrowest part of it (which you can see where the mountains seem to pinch it) is 4 kilometers wide. The colors changed drastically depending on sunshine or angle of viewing. The blues were almost unbelievable they were so vibrant. We got to see some amazing calving including a section so large that the waves it created could have been surfed! Unfortunately no photos of that. I was too wrapped up in the moment to bother with the camera. Didn’t want to miss it. It is one of the few glaciers in the world that continues to be in balance and has been for the last hundred years.