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It’s official! We have a four year old. Okay, it’s been official for weeks. I’m just a totally delinquent mommy. In my defense, Andy was out of town for two weeks and I was just thankful the kids survived in one piece. (I’ll be honest with you, I’m just as glad that I survived in one piece!)

So what is our fabulous four year old up to these days? She loves building things (legos and Lincoln Logs are mighty popular around here), cooking, and any kind of coloring, painting, arts, and crafts. Very hands on, this one! She has lots of passion for life and delights in giving big hugs that start at a run from across the room. She is enjoying pre-school.

We had fun celebrating our big girl:

DSC_0360 Lilly’s favorite lunch in the whole world is a grilled cheese sandwich. We happened to have a restaurant dedicated entirely to the art-form of the perfect grilled cheese just 15 minutes away so our lunch destination was a sure-fire crowd pleaser:DSC_0361 Lilly LOVES the ferris wheel at Scheels so we went for a ride. Then she wanted to see all the photo booths they have around the store:DSC_0393DSC_0375 DSC_0384That evening we had the Lindners over for spaghetti and meatballs, birthday gifts…
IMG_0399and birthday treats!IMG_0402

Along with turning four, Lilly now gets to take horseback riding lessons like her sister. She had her first lesson one week later. My apologies for the quality of some of the photos…I forgot the good camera, and only had my cell phone (and a few were horribly backlit!):IMG_2504 IMG_2516 With her trainer, Mary:IMG_2523 IMG_2525 IMG_2541Utah’s newest horse girl!IMG_2544Happy Birthday Lillybug!