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You rushed downstairs with that precious chocolate in your hand and my heart swelled with joy to see your unbridled enthusiasm for giving this treasure to a friend. Daddy gave you a small box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. It contained exactly three decadent morsels and you unreservedly offered two of them to others. I love that it gave you no pause or concern that giving away your chocolates meant you would have less for yourself. It gave you more joy to share something special with others. You have a generous heart…just like your daddy.

I was stressed out and cranky. I retreated downstairs trying to collect my thoughts and calm the emotions that wanted to spill out of me towards those who were within verbal reach.  You sensed my frustration, must have gone straight to work and soon approached me with a gift. It was a new pencil with a paper heart attached to the top. On the heart was glued a picture you thought I would like and the words “I love you Mommy! Happy Valentine’s Day!” No matter that Valentine’s Day was two weeks away. Your gesture melted my heart and put things in perspective.

Just yesterday as we drove to the tire store and I was quiet and distracted, I didn’t realize I was lost in my own thoughts until I heard your voice from the backseat, “Mommy? I’m sorry you are stressed out about the flat tire. I love you.” That was followed a minute later by “Mommy, I saw two people on the street holding signs. Can we help them?” You tenderly feel what others are feeling and want to ease their suffering. You have a compassionate heart.

My beautiful daughters, I love the heart you both show toward others. I thank God for the glimpses we get to see of the gifts He has given you. I pray that your hearts continue to grow toward God and that an others-centered life can be the mark of His love at work in you. For at the core of your generosity and compassion is love…and this world needs more of it. You are such a blessing to daddy and I and as you grow the number of people whose lives intersect and are woven with yours will increase each day. I pray that your natural inclinations towards generosity and compassion help others experience God’s love through you.

I love you to the farthest galaxy and back,


May you always be a blessing to others through your thoughtful, helpful, generous, and compassionate hearts: