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Those were Lilly’s words to me as I kissed her goodnight on my birthday. Perhaps I did but life just seems to get better the older I get, so bring on the ‘old.’ Here are a few photos of this year’s celebration:

The girls wanted to wear matching dresses for church that morning:

photo 1

Then we headed out for fish tacos:

photo 3 photo 5

And a FREE birthday churro? Does it get any better?!photo 2

Apparently it DOES, because Andy’s gift was to spoil me rotten; he could not have had better timing (As much as I love our girls, this mommy needed a BREAK)! A friend volunteered to watch the girls for a couple of days (Thank you Jenny!!!) and Andy planned a stay-cation for us. It started off with an adventure in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We snowshoed to Donut Falls:
IMG_0543 IMG_0545 IMG_0548You know it’s a gorgeous day when you get so warm on your hike that a tank top and snow-pants feel perfect. In the summer, the area we are hiking over on this last steep section is the outside portion of the waterfall:IMG_0553 It was, however far colder in the cave with the partially frozen Donut Falls:IMG_0565

I wish we had better photos but we really would have needed a tripod to get high quality shots. Something to remember for next time! Here is what we did manage to get:DSC_0513DSC_0489We were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves. We tried to get a selfie inside but it was too dark to turn out so we settled for one outside:IMG_0580

My favorite guy on our way back down:
IMG_0581 Breaking trail: IMG_0582

Next he planned a stay at an amazing downtown hotel, including a couple’s massage, jazz and drinks in the hotel lounge, and an elevator ride with one of the Clippers (who were in town to play the Jazz). Okay, that last part was a random occurrence, but our entire stay was a completely perfect getaway. This panorama shot of the view from our balcony makes everything look farther away than it was but gives you the scope of our gorgeous view. 
If this is what getting old is like, then I am completely okay with it. 😀 Thank you for a wonderful weekend Andy. I am unbelievably blessed to get to spend my life with you.